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At CCC we are committed to providing children and their parents with individualized comprehensive interventions to bring each child to their fullest speech/language and social interaction and communication potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children with communication disorders and their families the best suited and individualized comprehensive intervention program based on developmental diagnostic measures. Our mission is to connect and bond with the children and their families to build a relationship based on trust, understanding and recognition of individual social, cultural, and developmental similarities and differences. 

Our goal is to tune in and lend support in maximizing children’s speech, language and social-emotional interaction skills. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently help children regain developmental core capacities in relating and communicating. All measures taken are based on a relational based approach with an eye on other integrated approaches.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue acquiring and providing our children and their parents/caregivers with up to date service delivery.

Our goal is to continually connect, liaise and mediate between our families and other health care services in the greater environment for a more integrated approach in providing therapeutic intervention and remediation.



Career Opportunities

At Clinical Communication Consultants we encourage personal and professional growth. We stand behind the success of our staff and provide support to allow you to realize your full potential. Whether you're just starting out in your career or looking to build on an established foundation, CCC offers engaging and rewarding opportunities where you are encouraged to explore your potential and contribute to your fullest. 

We are currently seeking professionals for the following positions:

Speech-Language Pathologist
Communication Disorder Assistant
Administrative Assistant



How can I help you

Relate and communicate?


Let's be together.

Let's create together.


What do you mean?



Don't walk in front of me.

Don't walk behind me.

Walk beside me.

Let's do it together. 

Let's be closer.

Slow down for me.

Give it to me. 

Give it bit by bit.

So I can have a chance.

I want to understand and share the moment.

I want to tell you who I am and enjoy the moment.

I want to get involved, in whatever you're doing.

I want to be there, wherever you are.

Let's strike new ideas.

Let's learn new words.

Let's share new experiences.

Let's reach new horizons.

Just you and me.


By: Jehan Shehata Aboubakr